"Caring and genuine, with a unique flavor of stillness and movement, Lina crafts space for unfolding, for you to discover your own ground, your own internal spring of nourishment"

Self-care through grounding zen shiatsu techniques with presence awareness
Do-In, Makaho, Meditation, Meridian tracing, Qi gong practices. 

Zen Shiatsu - Balance the forces of yin and yang, create harmony between the internal organs and release the circulation of Qi.

Exploring beingness in its depth of freedom and movement as a certified Embodied Flow™teacher and as a guest teacher for Embodied Yin ™




Authentic Flow

Embodied Flow™

Happy Retreat

Embodied Yin ™

Happy Retreat 6-8 september
Classes in Embodied Flow™, Qi Gong, Dance and Embodied Yin™, Shiatsu sessions. Learn more

7-14 July Authentic Flow, Depth module, 100h Advanced Teacher Training (guest teacher) Learn more

Embodied Yin ™ 200h Teacher Training (guest teacher)

Learn more

12 - 24 Aug Embodied Flow™, Expression Module, 100h Advanced Teacher Training (Teacher assistant for Tara Judelle & Dr. Scott Lyons) 

Retreat @Vale de Moses (co-leading) 

Embodied Flow™, Embodied Yin™, Somatic Exploration

Down on Earth

Embodied Yin

Embodied Yin™ 50/100h - @pranamakallio, Helsinki (guest teacher)

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