Warmest of gratitude towards my teachers whose inspiration and energy supports me in my everyday life and work, a deep bow to Tara Judelle, Dr. Scott Lyons, Myra Avedon, Helena Lambert, Lo Baochun, Satu Tuomela, Beto Pérez for this past decade of movement, embodied teachings and inspiration.
My first teachers in the field of Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine; Nick Ciraldo, Chris McAlister, Jan Nevelius, Mia Josjö, Jeremy Halpin, my deepest gratitude.
To the ones, I met along the way Selina Adonai, Alexandros-Bacht Safarov, Marina Papazian, Kate Burford, Dan Stretton, Pete Yates.
To the ones that awoke my dancing heart over and over again, Mairo Burdette, ​Graham Tainton, Praticia Taylor, Katarina Berglund, Ane-Marie Barbut, Andrea D’Angiola, Julia Gorin, Shalom Volchok.
For inspiring me to grow and change, Staffan Hultgren, Pema Chödrön, Marisa Peer
And to Maria Boox for my first down dog.

Swedish Association of Professional Body Therapists
Body therapist  (2005) - Shiatsu, Qi gong, Do-In, Tai Chi, Meditation, Mindfulness
Quality Assured (2005) Skilled Developed (2015)
Jan Nevelius (2005) - Reiki 
Zumba Fitness (2009)
Uppsala University (2008) - Physiology
Mitt Universitetet (2008) - Stress physiology
Isshin Gakkai (2011) Chinese medicine - Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Qi Gong, Taiji
The Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences GIH (2014) - Motivational Interviewing
Umeå University (2014) - Pedagogy
School of Authentic Flow - 200h Embodied Flow™, 100h Advanced training, 200h Embodied Yin™️ (2016-2017)
MDH University (2016) - Physical Activity & Health
School of Embodied Flow™️ - Certified teacher of Embodied Flow™ - 500h RYT, 100h Yin, 200h Somatic Movement Therapy (2016-2018)

MSc Health & Social Science. BA Literature and Modern languages


    Movement is my first language. The act of moving - of being in motion - streams of movement and pauses - informs the way we touch the world.
    A movement can be specific, can be controlled, movement is also untamed, potent, fierce, omnipresent. It is the music of the universe: the way all matter is expressing itself - the way we are able to express ourselves into the world.

    Movement inhabits the stillness just as stillness is at the heart of movement. It is a way to return, a pathway back to preverbal us. 

    I find joy and depth in moving. I find solutions, I dissolve, I recreate. The body can never lie and so it creates itself out of itself. Moving as I want without judgment or thought is the greatest exploration of all and it brings me joy, groundedness, balance.

    Educator, Movement & Body therapist