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Datum 20/6 - 25/7

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With roots in ancient oriental practices and curiosity for new experiences, Lina holds tradition in one hand and creation in the other.

"I love bringing forward the old protocols from Qi Gong, Yoga and Meditation and witness the power of them in our everyday lives. I also adore the exploration and bridging into what we have at hand and integrate it all in moving and mediative practices. In the end, it all comes together, into our communication and realtion to Self"


Embodied Flow ™

Through an integrative blend of hatha yoga, somatics, movement meditations, tantric philosophy, and transpersonal psychology, Embodied Flow elicits the experience of stepping into the flow as meditation in action.

Embodied Flow™ is a school of yoga and movement reconnecting body, mind, and spirit while finding tangible pathways between the three. Using movement, asana, meditation, visualization, philosophy, psychology, verbal expression, and science as technologies for acquiring a deep sense of strength, ease, and connectivity in the human form. Embodied Flow aims to deliver its practitioners a sense of agency as they discover their own innate capacity to step into a life that is in flow. 



I always called my yoga, simply yoga. It has arisen from who I am and what I learned, from dance to qi gong to yoga. It is a slow yet powerful movement yoga with attention to details and breath, using a visual language that allows resting inside the body for a moment.



Dance revives my cells and brings instant joy. The heart opens up and I want to ride the wave. I love being in the state of dance. The classes I give are often for closed groups for special occassions. I do latin dances; salsa, cumbia, bachata, samba.. bollywood, free movement, couple dancing, tap dancing, modern dance, pop. I especially bring on the aspect of rhythm and enhance it throught the whole body. There are no rights or wrongs, just being with the floor, the music, oneself, and the others.


Embodied Yin ™

Embodied Yin yoga invites us to explore our multidimensional capacities for healing by listening and sensing with the whole body-mind. It increases awareness of our mind-body connection in each dimension and through different somatic approaches, intuitive movement, classical nondual Tantra, Chinese medicine and Yin yoga, opens up space by helping to release limitations.

In Yin Yoga we create gentle (sometimes more dynamic) long held postures and practices with an attitude of Maitri, loving kindness. The poses stimulate energy flow in meridians, energy channels, and restore, rewire and replenish our nervous system.


Qi Gong

Qi gong is a traditional Chinese physical exercise. It is slow, simple yet effective. Qi gong approximately means "to work with your qi" which more poetically written would be "the art of refining your life energy/vitality".

Through slow movements we learn how to integrate thought, feeling, body and breathing into one and thus restore our natural state. When we find ourself in our natural state our body and mind are strong. This is why qi gong is an excellent and easy form to prevent illness and feel good.



To sit in silence with oneself, tuning in and by practice improving attention, awareness, and energy.

In a meditation class, we prepare for energy, so we can sit with whatever arises during meditation. We practice compassion for our self, our thoughts, and emotions as well as for others. We use breathwork, light movement and sometimes writing in order to bit by bit get into a meditative state. Being in a class supports establishing a grounded practice.

Exploring movement and reflection with a sense of humour and lightness, for the love of dancing in the different currents of being

Being and staying in relation to self, others and our world, opens up the possibility of wholeness